We want you for the new Campaign!

Hello all!

All of you have seen the importance of the campaigns and the mobilizing action in our communities in order to reach our goals as mozillians.

For that reason and for many others some months ago we started to talk about the importance of Mission Driven Mozillians and the impact they bring to the Mozilla project…

Now, as all of you have read in this post, we want all of you for this new campaign, and for the next ones that will be made on all the next months!

But, first to make a call of action, we want to share with you how it is important for us the participation of all the Reps to spread the voice, and to involve all the local communities around the world in our mission!

Where the Reps are started to be active in the campaign we done a lot all together:

  • Take back the Web
    • A Campaign made for students about the Web

In this Campaign the help of the Reps was really helpful to connect all the students around the world to protect our resource most important “The Web”. Discourse Post

  • Privacy Month
    • A Privacy Campaign runned every year from different communities in the world ideated by the Mozilla India Community

Thanks at all the Indian active reps and all the reps around the world we spread how the privacy is important for the users on the web. Discourse Post

  • Firefox 57 Sprint

    • A Campaign for test the new Version of Firefox Quantum, here the reps was crucial for engage the local communities around the world to test more than 5000 websites in a week - Discourse Post - Results
  • Common Voice Sprint

    • A Sprint for support the Common Voice Project, where the reps are actively involve to mobilize some volunteers around the world to increase the number of sentences in the different languages useful to improve the system of recognize. Discourse Post
  • Playstore support Sprint

    • A Campaign for help the support on the Playstore. Thanks at the effort of the reps, 431 volunteers replied to 2200, 1 and 2 star reviews in a week - in 9 different languages - Discourse Post
  • Add-on Localization Campaign

    • A Campaign to help the Localization of the Add-on for Firefox. Here, thanks at the efforts of the reps more than 100 Volunteers have translated more than 100K words in 7 differents languages. Discourse Post

As you see, in all the cases your efforts and your energies are extremely important to build an inclusive experience finalized to reach our mission in your communities and reaching out your networks! With your emensive work, we managed to mobilized Mozillians across the globe and spread awareness of the new impactful opportunities that Mozillians can participate with.

Now, we want to know from all of you, your feedback about the campaigns run by you or where you have participated. We want to know what gone well, and what altogether we need to improve to reach better our goals!

This is the time to participate all together to build the campaigns of the future!

Please share your feedback here and keep up the good work!

On Behalf of the Council

Edoardo & Irvin



<3 Nicely written Edoardo & Irvin :slight_smile:

We successfully run some of those events for Indonesia Community.

I think the idea of Reps helping in regularly creating new campaigns is a great idea. Since on the past, many communities might become clueless of creating topic, other than mozcoffee, which sharing new updates from Mozilla. Local communities sometimes improvise by creating events that they think fits more to their local market. But proposing campaign ideas for local communities to support can help to engage local events which can also become the opportunity to get more people participate and new people onboard.

But i suggest, to also support local communities to create marketing tools to promote the campaigns to their local community. For example, making a poster that is ready to get the content (date, place, time, description in local language) adjusted easily. Usually we use poster and share it to our social channels, such telegram group, website, facebook, and instagram.

I think the impact from a visual is great to get the attention and make people consider and interested to join our events. Visual talks more…

For the Italian community I followed the Addon Localization Campaign and Playstore support sprint but we had also the Common Voice sprint.

The feedback learned is that we need to explain every step also the reasons why the campaign exist and why the procedure are different from the usual workflow of l10n as example.

Our community without explanation of the campaign, and all the steps is difficult to involve because there is no direction or overview, so other volunteers with more experience was doing that to help.

Anyway the biggest problem was using a different workflow or tools that the community is already using.

The results for our community wasn’t new volunteers joining (because they need experience on the task itself) but for the last volunteers that joined a simple way to contribute in Mozilla in a team for a short time. In that way they saw what kind of activities they like more.

PS: our sprint was only online in all the cases because our community is widespread in all the country and is difficult to organize an event with all of us without planning and funds.

Hello hello lovely Reps & Mozillians,

In this post you can find the results about the Dark Funnel campaign (Link). We would like to announce a small gift We have (or rather the dino has) for you to thank you for your contributions. Please share here, what you’ve done, your success (or failure), after this post, We want to give you an important gift!

As Mozillian We are pleased to write about your efforts and energies for this campaign, and We want that remains indelibly in your mozillian profile. So We would love to give a mozillian vouch at anyone that share their results and their effort for the new campaign!

Thanks again!

On behalf of the reps council,


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I reported lots Dark Funnel sites. I even got a adware from one of them and it took me quite a time to fix! I think I was quite successful!


I did the Addon, the Dark Funnel and the Play Store ones. I think all were very interesting and it was was fun!
I even got an adware from one of the Dark Funnel ones, it was quite difficult to delete!