Firefox WebExtension and OAuth (browser.identity.getRedirectURL) with Google [RESOLVED]

I have a problem related to browser.identity API and OAuth authentication with Google. The issue is described here:

To recap:

When you create a WebExtension and call:

chrome.identity.getRedirectURL(); or browser.identity.getRedirectURL(); // they are the same thing

You get an URL like:

This is the URL that must be whitelisted in as the redirect URI.

Now Google doesn’t accept any domains as redirect URIs that are not verified to be owned by you. But I cannot verify a domain as mine that I don’t own (Mozilla owns And I can’t choose whatever domain since I need to comply with the URL that chrome.identity.getRedirectURL() is giving so that the browser can capture the OAuth loop correctly.

So how can I convince Google to approve my OAuth redirect URI in

This was resolved by requesting a human on Google’s side to approve the OAuth configuration.

Can you help me?
How can you convince Google to approve it? In my case, Google wants to add to the Search Console.

Same problem.
At first Google suggested me to remove it all.
But then my addon can’t be used xD

Hope they understand what is used for and they whitelist for everyone.

Does anyone get verified from google. Still can’t make work with google authorization.