Fix Shortcuts on the Portuguese page

Hi, I saw that the shortcuts for Portuguese has a little issue the ‘s’ key is used for both yes and skip functions, because of this I can’t skip using the keyboard, what about adding ‘h’ o ‘g’ to skip?

That should be part of the localization of the site shortcuts

I just suggested the letter g on pontoon, since the spacing between s, r, g are pretty good, I think this will improve speeds, any idea on how long it’ll take to have this feature implemented?

A reviewer needs to approve your suggestions, you see their names on the team tab for the project on pontoon, feel free to ping them (cc @marceloghelman)

Once that lands, it will be live in our next deployment, which is usually each 2 weeks. But we might have a small deployment in the coming days.

Hi Pedro, the Yes and Skip shortcuts were really the same in Portuguese.
Although G has nothing to do with Skip or Pular, it fits very well the use with left hand fingers, so I approved your suggestion in Pontoon.
Thanks for your contribution.