Fluent Syntax 0.9

I published Fluent Syntax 0.9 today, together with the updated implementations in JavaScript and Python.

Syntax 0.9 doesn’t introduce any new features to the syntax. The version bump is due to the removal of deprecated features and to changes to the structure of the AST. It can be thought of a release candidate for Syntax 1.0. If all goes well, I’m planning to release 1.0 mid-April.

Below is a summary of the most significant changes in Syntax 0.9. Consult the changelog for more details.

  • VariantLists and VariantExpressions are no longer valid syntax. They had been deprecated since Syntax 0.8 and replaced by parameterized terms.

  • The AST of reference expressions has been streamlined: even a complex reference expression like {-term.attr(arg:"value")} is now a single TermReference AST node, with attribute and arguments fields.

  • StringLiteral.raw has been renamed to value, for symmetry with NumberLiteral. It contains the raw unprocessed value of the literal.

The implementations have been updated, too, and the projectfluent.org website runs the latest versions.

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Zibi also pushed fluent-syntax-rs 0.9 and fluent-bundle-rs 0.6.