Font Size in Developer Tools

While doing the second task, where one is to set the size on various elements, I looked at the developer tools to see the font-size of the root element. But neither the rules pane nor the computed pane show any font-size for the root element (the html tag), nor do they show any font size for the body tag (I have selected “Show Browser Styles” in the settings of the developer tools).

The first element to have any font-size set is the h1 tag, which is the first element with content, but even there the computed pane is empty, where I would expect a value computed from the font-size of the root element.

I know that the font-size is inherited, but I still would expect to see a font-size set on the root-element and a value in the computed pane. Why are they not shown?


Did you define a font-size which would apply on those elements?
Otherwise, make sure the “Browser Styles” checkbox is checked in the top right of the Computed Panel:

This is different from the “Show Browser Styles” setting you enabled, which mostly allows you to see the browser’s own css files which apply to your content, in the rule view. There are defaults which are not defined in css which you will only see with the checkbox I mentioned.

Yes, checking the “Browser Styles” in the Computed Panel shows it now.

Where are these properties set if not in CSS files?