Force logout iOS/PadOS

Lockwise force logs out every 3rd day both on PadOS and iOS. This has been an issue for more than a month now. No update, no response to any feedback/question. This way the app is useless.

it doesnt happen to me, what device you using?

Same experience here on an iPhone 12 mini running the current version of iOS.

Lockwise is basically not recognizing me anymore after a few days. I thought this was related to frequent updates of the app but it seems it is not.

Lockwise welcomes me with a new user screen and a first steps intro every time.

So whenever this happens I have to re-login to the app and start a peace sync from scratch.

Quite bothersome, as the app is almost useless.
When I need my password I need it now and not in five minutes after it has done another sync with Lockwise


Support for Lockwise ended towards the end of last year. The same functionality should be available in Firefox for iOS.