From 2017 to 2018, looking back to look forwards

So…last year I wrote this:

Having made it to the end of the year I thought I would look back and I think it is fair to say that 2017 was an amazing year for myself, SUMO and Mozilla.

As an organisation, Mozilla launched Firefox Focus for Android, Firefox Rocket, Firefox for Fire TV and Firefox Quantum. We have reached more people around the world with our goals of helping keep the internet open for all and Mozillians globally are active and motivated to work towards our shared goals.

SUMO has got better as the year has gone on with so much hard work going into supporting new product releases. Our community feels stronger than ever as a result and our reputation for the efforts we go to to help support Mozilla’s many users has grown.

I have been very busy all year and have been involved in numerous projects and initiatives. This is how I did against my objectives last year:

  • Try my best to maintain a top 25 position on the SUMO Support Forum. - Done
  • Learn more so that I can better support users. - Done
  • To learn Crash Reporter to a reasonable level. - Done (thanks Philipp!)
  • To take part in a SUMO event (meeting or SUMO day) using Vidyo. - Done
  • To be a local volunteer at MozFest. - Done
  • Take part in discussions to build the UK community. - I think so
  • To continue to promote Nightly within the Mozilla community. - I hope so

And to think I wrote these before we were aware of how big Quantum is, or about some the product launches we have seen - kinda scary. So for 2018, I am going to simplify around some key themes to give myself some capacity:

  • Continue to help users, through trying my best to maintain a top 25 position on the SUMO Support Forum, supporting new products and learning new skills.
  • Help build the SUMO, UK and global contributor communities.
  • Make something (theme, web page, A-frame)
  • To be a volunteer at MozFest.

In 2017 everyone stepped up a gear and Mozilla feels more connected, more vibrant and more active. Teams are working better together and I hope that this positive fallout from the Quantum launch continues. We have so much to do, but we have shown collectively that we are up for a challenge and as Mozillians we really do not like to back down.

2018? Bring it on.

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Hey you totally contributed to helping build the UK community! You filled in the priorities spreadsheet which allowed me to proceed. Output from Mozillians like you makes quantifiable impact.

If you have questions on A-Frame, give me a shout! I’ve held a couple of workshops now and happily give you help along your journey.