GA opt out addon 1.0.8.xpi with only 4 lines of code

according to the EULA one needs written permission by Google to redistribute the 4 lines of code in the ADD-ON:

(function(){var a=document.createElement("script");
a.innerText='window["_gaUserPrefs"] = { ioo : function() { return true; } }';

maybe one can recreate a clean-room implementation of it to get it on AMO? that would be awesome! :star_struck: :partying_face:

above 4 lines set a variable, which a webserver can reset. GA scripts will be loaded and executed unimpeded by the variable. This is the original sin.

more info & suggestions to counteract G.A.: hackademix

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In a clean room, both the “a” and “gaOptOutExtension” were contingent.

Changing those would also help to thwart any gaOptOutExtension-countermeasures by being more stealthy. The other lines are sort of required.

A reimplementation could also add a few lines for

concerning the “id” see docs

the g src

/* this is code in the public domain */

(function(){var x=document.createElement(“script”);"__galiteUUID"; /* for  */
x.type="text/javascript";    /*  suggested to add an ID here  */
x.innerText='window["_gaUserPrefs"]={ioo:function(){return true;}}';


/* no snake oil , just opt-out of it : */

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A redditor once said:

Keep in mind that the extension is provided by Google. So if someone decides that Google is not to be trusted, running a Google controlled code injecting extension on every page load might work against the intention.

suggested modification

try that mod in this pen

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nice pen.

With that public domain code in effect, it carries the full heft of European data protection laws, being relieved of qualifications that comparative products burden it with.

European fines can be a billion €€ or more. A recent € 400 mill. fine was more of a joke. Prosecutors are thrilled!

see on DSVGO

GDPR the €uropean Data Protection Act 2000, being famous for its’ hefty fines.

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Some motivation to place it on AMO right there for you!

What are we waiting for? An invitation to do it by Gates delivered on a silver platter?