Google analytics opt-out with gaoptoutaddon_1.0.8.xpi – why not on AMO?

If gaoptoutaddon_1.0.8.xpi were on AMO, it sure would be a smash hit. It saves a lot of privacy-intrusion and unnecessary computation. It also is pretty small and simple JS code, like 30 lines or so.

So why is it not on AMO ? Is there a license problem which cannot be overcome?

Certainly millions of users would like to get rid of those obnoxious “analytics”, so–called!

download here: gaoptoutaddon_1.0.8.xpi.

  • indeed! Of course I do opt out of G.A. !

  • What? I want my every click be “analysed” by a large Corporation! no opt-out for me!

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I trust Tracking Protection or uBlock Origin more than I trust Google’s add-on, but that’s just me.

As for why Google prefers to self-distribute its extension, I couldn’t tell you, you’ll need to ask them. But maybe it’s so you have to “accept” their EULA:

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As Jefferson said, Google is the one who needs to submit the addon, you should (try to) contact their support.