Gamepad input - "Autoplay is only allowed when approved by the user"


I’m currently developing a game using canvas and web audio which uses both keyboard and gamepad input. However, I get the following message only when I start playing sound when the initial input is from a gamepad…

“Autoplay is only allowed when approved by the user, the site is activated by the user, or media is muted.”

I understand that this is a security message but I’m confused why this only happens with a gamepad and not a keyboard or mouse input. I don’t get that message if either the mouse or keyboard is the initial input. From my understanding, the gamepad needs to be “approved” by the user before it can be used so I’m wondering why this “approval” would not apply to the sound playback too :thinking:

Would appreciate anyone’s feedback on this one as I feel it “should” work. Feels odd that I have to click or press a key before sound can be activated if my only input is the gamepad.