Garage Door Opener

Has anyone had a good experience with a garage door opening that worked well with the WebThings Gateway?

I’ve got a Zigbee and Z-Wave adapter.

I’ve been running a WebThings gateway for about a year now, but I’ve only hooked up some lights.


I’m not aware of any. I’ve been wanting to build an add-on for OpenGarage but have not had time yet.

You could use a X10 Powerflash module to control your garage door. It should be very simple to set up.

Thanks for the ideas. I watched the videos for both products. Cool stuff… in both cases it looks like I’m going to have a little extra work to do but it would be fun to get an OpenGarage and maybe contribute an add-on back to the community… but… I’m going to have to set aside some time todo that.

X10 does look really interesting… I’ll need to watch more videos on that, that looks like a whole… system. It looks like if I want to communicate with it though… I’d need a USB to serial adapter (since I’m running OpenThings Gateway on a RaspberryPI) and some other stuff.

Besides the Powerflash, you will need a X10 Firecracker Serial device:

and a transceiver module:

That really should do it. However, it might end up being a little more expensive that OpenGarage.