IoT Gateway for OpenWRT

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I have an OpenWRT based router along with CC2630. Would it be possible for me to run this IOT Gateway on this router? Is there any other USB ZigBee module supported in OpenWRT which works with IOT Gateway?

Thank you

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well according to @benfrancis 's blog: “We also have an experimental OpenWrt package” as said on

I guess the package can be rebuild using:

I could try on some of my routers, but I know that some will be too constrained to support node, but could eventually support alternative engines (such as IoT.js).

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@kgiori has the details of the OpenWrt build and which hardware is currently supported. I’m not sure exactly where you can download it from?

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I already had a conversation with @kgiori regarding this . @kgiori has put me in touch with the actual developers of this package. I dropped an email to them. But I didn’t hear back anything till now.

Currently my router works on Zstack (CC2630) from TI. I am not sure if it is supported by our Gateway or not. If someone can guide me to make it work with the gateway or other openwrt alternatives along with zigbee module. It would be really helpful.

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Well according to:

has only 128K of flash, and about 30MB of RAM, this looks a bit too limited.

Do you have an external storage for it ?

But you could start making it running as “thing”…

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My router has 128 MB of memory. I am using AsRock X10 router.

I don’t want to use it as thing. I want to use it as Gateway.

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So try to rebuild above package if there is no ipkg in

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How it is going to communicate with my zigbee module ? Can you please explain ? I don’t think there is any provision in your package for zstack.

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You’ll need a router that has at least 512 Mb RAM and several Gb of storage. It currently takes over 400 Mb just to store node dependencies for the gateway.

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In that case router or AP is just useless. I haven’t seen the Gateway code yet, but is there any possibility that we can run Gateway on server and feed the sensor data from AP to server using MQTT or something else.

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That would defeat the object of building a Web of Things gateway. The purpose of the gateway project is to bridge non-web and non-Internet devices to the Web of Things using HTTP and WebSockets. One of the requirements being that it should still work locally without an Internet connection. The gateway therefore has to act as a web server.

You could certainly build an IoT gateway which bridged those devices to MQTT instead, and even have an MQTT cloud service which then proxies those devices to the Web of Things. But that isn’t this project.

The gateway software is not intended to run on the kind of low end hardware found in traditional home routers, but it could run on a “smart router” which has a lot more processing power and RAM.

(Kathy Giori) #12

I’ve asked @ratkaj to chime in on the differences to expect when running the OpenWrt integrated packages and dependencies, as compared to Raspbian. We could use better hints to suggest whether a particular platform is worth testing the OpenWrt integration on, or not. Stay tuned…
(and as @rzr suggested, the use of lighter weight dependencies is something worth investigating later when it comes to broader commercial adoption, to optimize cost vs performance…)

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Hi all, the integrated Mozilla IoT package provides the same features when running on Raspbian and OpenWrt. However, we are constantly improving the integration with the OpenWrt ecosystem and any feedback or suggestion for the work done so far is welcomed.

For those of you that have OpenWrt device with insufficient resources would it be helpful to provide instructions for installing the software on USB drive?

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@markoratkaj Sorry I haven’t been following this more closely, but I’m still not sure where people should go to get started?

Is there a list somewhere of the hardware which the OpenWrt port has already been tested with, and somewhere to download pre-built images? Or a set of instructions for building yourself?


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FYI the link posted earlier now has better readme info for building the Mozilla Things Gateway for OpenWrt. See notes here.

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ok, I installed it on a WRT3200, is there any how to, whats next to do? How to connect to the webinterface? Thanks!