Get an error when convert checkpoint to pb file

Hi,i’m using the v0.9.3 checkpoint to get the pb file,using command:python3 --checkpoint_dir …/deepspeech-0.9.3-checkpoint-zh-CN --export_dir …/

Then i get the error message:ValueError: Cannot feed value of shape (256,) for Tensor ‘layer_6/bias/Initializer/zeros:0’, which has shape ‘(29,)’
It happends while loading the checkpoint.However,when i use deepspeech-0.9.3-checkpoint,not the -zh-CN version,i can make it.

I install the env using pip3 install -e . in the DeepSpeech folder
OS Platform and Distribution:Linux Ubuntu 18
TensorFlow version:1.15.4
Python version:3.7.11

Anyone knows the reason?Please help!

Incorrect alphabet. Please check your command line and the doc.

Got it,thank u very much.

Hey frank_lee
I am getting same issue kindly help how you solved that