"Get/Download addon for Firefox" badge/button to embed into website?

Is/Will there be a Firefox “download add-on/get add-on here” button? It may be included on GitHub or other websites, where you explain your add-on.

I only know this one:

But it is not using the new Photon-style Firefox icon.

BTW I cross-posted this for the Photon team. Only just thought now that i may get a faster answer here. :smile:


Hi, can anybody tell where can I get ‘Get/Download Firefox’ button to embed into website.




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The Trademark Policy refers to them –

“To summarize, provided that the use adheres to our trademark policy and visual guidelines, here are some of the things that you can do with the Mozilla Marks that do not require our permission: … link to Mozilla’s website(s) by using the banners and buttons we provide to allow your visitors to download Firefox and Thunderbird;”

– but with all the site reorganizations over the years, I can’t figure out where they are now.

I hope there are still some nice buttons, and not just “Download” on an oval…

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So still nobody who knows whether these are available?

Even if there currently are none, it would great to know that, at least. :smiley:

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Well, the old ones were announced on the blog, I don’t think I missed an announcement there and I don’t know of newer badges.

But it really wouldn’t be difficult to paste the new logo on top of the old one.
[a few minutes later]:
==> get-ff-ext
Same size and shadow as before, new icon.
Use however you want as long as it is fine with Mozilla.


I think also the background would need a re-design to match the Photon guide, but basically looks good already.

As for the question, whether it is fine, see https://design.firefox.com/photon/visuals/product-identity-assets.html#additional-guidelines. Basically, as long as you don’t defame it and use it in connection with Firefox, it is all right. :smiley:

Thanks for adjusting the badge, BTW.

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Wait a second…

The icons on the blog post from 2015 you’ve linked were actually updated:

The difference to your’s is, BTW, that they don’t use the shadow anymore.


But just why? There is still no new blog post…

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The up-to-date version can now be found here, BTW:

Edit: BTW, also with an SVG version! :blush: