Getting Started and NodeJS

I am excited to try TTS, but after installing it (which is super easy with simple instructions in the README on github), I was left with a “now what” feeling.

As far as I can see there’s no simple explanation of the steps to actually try it and see if it’s a) installed correctly, and b) working. Maybe it’s obvious to python developers what to do to actually use it, but I don’t speak python (yet).

If there are major steps to take after installing TTS, why not clearly list what they are and give examples on how to do them? Or maybe they ARE listed and I am not realizing those are the “next steps”?

At any rate, after running “pip develop”, what can I do to hear it actually translate something?

On another topic, are there plans on the roadmap to have a nodejs based install?

Hi @alfreema welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

The projects is still actively developing at a fast pace, but there are several efforts to make it easier for people to use and understand (such as the FAQ in the wiki). Sounds like it might be worth having a look through the wiki first as that will likely give a sense of the project overall and parts of it to start exploring further.

Then you may want to try it out to get it saying some text back to you. For this there’s a basic demo server. Look in the folder server for details. With that you can use the web page to submit text directly. If you want to start using it programmatically there’s a few approaches but one quick method is just to call the same API that the server’s web page uses with something like requests (if you look in the web page code you’ll see how simple the API is).

Going beyond that, if you want to train a new voice, you’d need a load of audio data, but the process is covered in the README with additional info in the wiki.

I hope that’s at least a start!