Getting very poor predictions from a trained model - 0.7 version over the existing checkpoint

I am trying to train english voice over deepspeech’s existing checkpoint and scorer. I have made chunks on silence for all the files that I am giving it for training. But the model’s result is coming very poor. I have run for 70 epocs with 343 train files, 35 validation and 30 test files each roughly 6 seconds.

The output is very gibberish. Can you please help? Do I need to increase the train files? Because what I assume is if I train over the pre trained checkpoint, then even the 343 train files should give me decent results when I have run for 70 epocs.

More data, general models have 300,000 plus files for training.

Try transfer learning on the released model.

Hi Sir,

I am using transfer learning on the existing deepspeech 0.7.0 checkpoint, but the updated model is giving very poor result. Can you please help. I am taking mostly the default parameters only for training the .wav files.

The bit rate is 256 kbps and the Frame rate is 16000. Hope I am using the right parameters. My loss values while training are hovering between 50 and 100.

Can you please provide your valuable inputs?

Search the forum for “transfer learning”, but 300 files don’t get you anywhere. Use thousands.