GitHub Issues vs JIRA for mentored bugs

(Leo McArdle) #1

We have a couple (1, 2) of Discourse plugins with their issues on GitHub, because I never got round to migrating them to JIRA. They also have some issues maked as ‘good first bug’, and it’s been on my radar for a while that we should be listing our projects on Bugs Ahoy to try and draw in some new contributors (which we could really do with on the programming side of things), which does have GitHub Issues integration but doesn’t have JIRA integration.

So, my question is, since the issues are currently on GitHub, and because JIRA doesn’t have integration with Bugs Ahoy, should I bother migrating them over to JIRA? I think it’s also worth considering the brilliant integration issues on GitHub have with code.

Now for a second, but very similar question: what about SSO? It currently has no issues on GitHub, and only planning issues on JIRA. Considering what we gain using GitHub and lose using JIRA, is it worth using JIRA for new programming projects either?


We can use both, really. We can have a master issue on JIRA, and when
checking in on git still use the JIRA issue. So the work can be done in
Github and JIRA just needs to get a status update every now and then so I
can project manage it.