JIRA+Confluence etc


From the thread about Trello, we figured out that JIRA has bugzilla integration now, as well as github. Several of us have been wishing for JIRA for a while. Now that we are developing things like add-ons and customizations for Discourse we’re going to attempt to get an open source license for JIRA+Confluence and other useful apps.

Since Mozilla uses this tool internally, it will be incredibly beneficial to be able to offer real world training on administering this software.

If we are successful in getting the open source license, we will use it instead of the wiki for in depth documentation. As it’s related, we’ll include some playing around with JIRA into the wiki sprint. I’ve used JIRA at a previous job, so I can guide people around a bit. We need JIRA set up before applying for the license, so if you want to check it out/help, try to make it for 18 UTC (2pm EDT).

(mrz) #2

This could not make me happier. Even happier than getting a new watch yesterday!


I just want to emphasize that this isn’t about moving away from Bugzilla. I have been asked many times if I want JIRA and have always said, “yes, but no” because I knew if we got JIRA we’d stop using Bugzilla. Pending approval of our open source license, and satisfaction with the Bugzilla integration, JIRA will allow us to stop using so many disparate tools (ie trello, and we can probably replace WorkLife) or at least give us a much better home base to keep all our information organized.