Google Summer of Code 2018


We have the pleasure this summer to mentor two excellent students from Roorkee University in India as part of the Google Summer of Code 2018. Please join me in welcoming Pramit and Vishal!

Pramit (@pramit, shkamaru on IRC) is going to work on Pontoon’s home page, making it better reflect the actual nature of Pontoon today. He will also work on improving the overall user experience of our website.

Vishal (@vishalcr7) on the other hand is going to implement a guided tour of Pontoon, to help new users get around the app by improving the path to first contribution.

We expect both of them to make great and lasting contributions to Pontoon, and to make it a better tool for Mozilla’s communities. You should soon hear from them around here. Please do not hesitate to talk to them, ask questions, or offer feedback on their work!

I am looking forward to a great summer. :slight_smile:



The coding period of Google Summer of Code is over and final evaluations are being submitted. That means it’s time to have a look at what @pramit and @vishalcr7 have accomplished over summer!

Check it out (note that you won’t be able to sign in):

  1. The new homepage was designed and developed by @pramit. It:
  • pitches Pontoon as the place to localize Mozilla projects,
  • explains the “whys” and “hows” of Localization at Mozilla,
  • has a clear call to action (to start contributing to Mozilla),
  • moves in-context localization demo to a separate page.
  1. The guided tour was designed and developed by @vishalcr7. It’s being linked to from the homepage as a secondary call to action, and consists of two pieces:
  • the actual tour, which shows and explains the translation user interface, and
  • the tutorial project, which demonstrates more details through carefully chosen strings.

We are confident these changes are sending a clearer message about Pontoon and localization at Mozilla to newcomers, so we’re hoping the path to first contribution will now be easier.

Expect to see the work of @pramit and @vishalcr7 on production very soon, so consider this post a final call for feedback. And please join me in congratulating them for their excellent work!


Thank you @pramit and @vishalcr7. I am eager to see all this in production, soon as mentioned :wink: .