GPG engine

I’m using Thunderbird 79.0b1 (32-Bit) Beta, OS windows 10 professional/DELL , which does not work with my Key.
No funktion availiable, only properties shown:

  • the master prim. Key is sec# RSA16384 bits
  • the private is not in the Keyring (I put it on a secure and save place)
  • three subkeys , the private keys are in the keyring
  • ssb rsa4096 [S] : for signing.
    It is displayed with “Encrypt, sign, Certify, Auth” - that is wrong.
  • ssb rsa4096 [E] - displayed as “encrypt” - ok
  • ssb rsa4096 2017-02-03 [A] - displayed as auth" - ok
    My gpg is gpg (GnuPG) 2.2.19 libgcrypt 1.8.5 .
  • I can not import my 100(?) public keys . Error “file too large” is shown.

I will uninstall this Version for falling back to a sersion supporting enigmail.

In Thunderbird 78 and later, traditional Enigmail is no longer supported.
Instead, you can try to use the experimental OpenPGP support (enabled in Beta and nightly versions).

Thunderbird will not use GnuPG. You need to migrate your keys to Thunderbird’s new internal storage.

The migration can be performed using an “migration-only version of Enigmail”, which is Enigmail version 2.2 (it provide migration functionality, nothing else).

The migration should work with Thunderbird 78. I haven’t tried it with 79+ yet.

Did you get an offer to migrate your keys when starting 79 Beta? Do you have the Enigmail 2.2 installed (the migration tool)?

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