Guides Forum discussion thread

Hello, Buddies!

We have a new addition to the flow of things:

This is a forum (a Discourse one - and it wasn’t my idea :-)) that gathers all the potential new contributors who want to get involved with Mozilla, IF they received an invitation from the Community Building Team (which has links to the Guides Community in a variety of places).

The way we envision this forum to work for SUMO is:

  1. New Contributor gets to the forum through one of the CBT’s links (newsletter, email, campaign, whatever)
  2. NC lands in the Helping Users category ( - this is the “catch all” place for all things related to SUMO
  3. NC expresses interest in one of the 5 (ha!) SUMO Contribution Areas
  4. NC gets picked up by a Buddy who’s Mentoring in that CA
  5. The Mentor Buddy introduces the NC into their CA, including signing up to SUMO, getting in touch with the SUMO Community (via the SUMO forums/IRC) etc.

The Guides forum does NOT substitute the existing SUMO Community Forums in any way - it’s just an extra step that should help potential NCs figure out how they can best contribute/if they want to contribute at all.

We hope it will increase the overall quality of NC contributions and help us get really passionate people involved for longer.

If you have questions/comments/doubts/ideas, please use this thread to voice them.