Hacking Dev Derby

Hi all, @majken and I have been talking about how to hand Dev Derby development to the Community Webdev group. I can give a quick technical overview of the Dev Derby site so that people know what kind of work would be involved.

Dev Derby is a Django application. It lives as the ‘demos’ app in the developer.mozilla.org source code. The stack is simple: Django 1.4.9, MySQL, and jquery in the UI. Demo Studio shares the same app as Dev Derby. The app is reasonably self-contained within MDN and should not be too hard to stand up on it’s own, if that is the path we want to go down.

The instructions for running and hacking a local copy of Dev Derby/MDN are here.

We haven’t decided on a hosting option yet, but I’ll sit down with the MDN team in the next few weeks to talk about this. I think our options are to either accept Derby patches to the MDN source code, or have Community IT stand up a new instance of Derby on new hardware and keep run/patching the MDN Derby instance until a switchover is made. I’ll provide an update later.

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Hi there! I have Kuma running from a while now. I volunteered to help with the Dev Derby code.

I’m a full-time JS developer from many years, involved into UX and last year I switched from PHP to Python/Django for the backend (luckily!).

Is there any roadmap, goals, milestones, etc.? Issue tracker? Don’t know where to start yet!

Looking forward to start hacking!


Hi pablocubico! I don’t know if there is a roadmap, but the list of bugs and feature enhancement requests for Dev Derby are in Bugzilla.

Oh, and ignore the Demo Studio bugs. We aren’t sure where we want to go with Demo Studio yet.

Bugzilla… I should have guessed that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’ll try to tackle some this week! Leaving the Demo Studio out.


Some update, we’re definitely going to split out from Demo Studio, and we are most likely going to use make API for submissions. We’re going to resume regular Dev Derby meetings, biweekly Thursdays at 11am ET/8am PT (UTC 4pm/3pm).

Do we have regular meetings in IRC channel or Vidiyo?

IRC is #cwd and #devderby. There are not regular meetings about Dev Derby just yet. Hopefully this will all pick back up next week.

We’ve started an etherpad to track what we need to get started, please check it out, comment and add! Ali will file the bugs, but if you want to help with bug filing let her know. Then the bug numbers will be shared out.


Sorry i was not able to make the meeting due to a large project at work. I added my reply to the pad.

Hi all,

Just a reminder that our DevDerby meeting is tomorrow (Thursday) at 3pm UTC (11am EDT, 8am PDT).

Also, Ali has started filing webdev bugs, the meta bug is here -
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=999635 - you can follow it
to see the related bugs.