Hacking Discourse

So far Discourse has been working well, though there are a few
features we know we’d like for it to be more suitable for Mozilla’s

Would anyone be interested in joining a group to help hack on Discourse? If so post here. IRC channel will be #cwd.


Hi Kensie,

I would not mind helping out hacking discourse. I really like the platform and hope that one day we can bridge over here from Google groups (smiles).



Would we be colloborating with upstream to see if any changes we are making might be useful to upstream or consistent with their roadmap or is this more of an effort to fork?

I don’t think in any case we want to fork or otherwise modify the core code of Discourse in any way. The most we will do is plugins because it makes it easier to stay in sync with upstream…

I think we should discuss what we want to “hack” into our Discourse instance. I know that we said before that we wanted integration with Mozillians, such as with vouched profiles and groups, but is there anything else missing that makes this an imperfect platform for communication?