Hacking Web Literacy in an Hour (HackLiteracy)

This session is facilitated by Ekansh Gupta, Shreya Prasad

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About this session

Atendees will be enlightened by algorithms used by various companies to track down user data and give recommendation and advertisments accordingly. The use of Cookies and how to implement them in programs will be displayed. Understanding how backend is developed using various langauges such as Python for Django/Flask and JS for Node will be briefly discussed. User authentication system and graphDB(Mainly used by Netflix and Amazon) with Data Representation will be covered.

Goals of this session

Web Literacy refers to everyone having the skills to read, write and participate in the digital world. In order for people to understand how to shape the Web – or even how to keep themselves safe online, or make a living with the Internet – there is a growing need to make sure everyone has the skills they need for healthy Internet citizenship. It needs to be realized that people who grew up with access to the Internet don’t automatically develop strong web literacy skills. We should resist the deepening of divides between the few who know how the technology works, and a majority who do not. We need everyone to recognize that Web literacy is more than coding. Governments, educators and parents need to be champions for Web literacy and foster creative opportunities for young people to develop these skills. Technology Companies also need Web Literacy to engage with people.

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