Haiyya: First Office Hours Update

(Mrinalini) #1

Hello Everyone,

As outlined in our last post we have held our first office hours with the Mozilla India Community. I would like to thank everyone who participated to share their challenges, questions and concerns with us. It was a great discussion and I look forward to this week’s office hour.

Office Hour Details: Thursday 7 pm - 8 pm IST.

Please find the notes from the first Office Hours below.

Key Discussion Items:

  • Launching a Bangalore mentorship program: to combat the issue of a shrinking contributor base and ensure an active Mozilla base in Bangalore. and are looking for facilitators who can be a part of this program.

  • Revisiting past recommendations: There were some recommendations that were made earlier by the provisional meta team etc and these points have not been implemented. We should revisit them and see if there are any strong ideas that can be used.

  • Breaking down jargon in a simple way that is more appealing to new contributors.

  • Creating a stronger Mozilla India identity as compared to regional teams.

Key Questions & Recommendations from the community for Haiyya and Mozilla Staff:

  • What kinds of challenges/questions should we approach the Haiyya team about?
  • Unclear about Natasha’s role/communication with the Global Campus Clubs Team
  • Unclear expectations/channel of communication between the Haiyya Team and Staff
  • Who are the meta team members Haiyya is planning on working with?
  • Validity of Haiyya deliverables as presented in our reports.

Key Next Steps

  • Mrinalini to get in touch with Abhiram about the support needed for the facilitation and revert back by Wednesday with our role.
  • Dyvik will lead the process by looking at the old reports and identify and potential ideas that we can implement.
  • Share a clear list with the Mozilla Community about what they should reach out to Haiyya for and the support we are offering for the upcoming 4 months (In the next office hours)
  • Community members to look at the reports shared by Haiyya on discourse blog and specifically mention concerns they have on work element reported which they have feel isn’t done by Haiyya. (Especially those who attended the office hour: Mehul, Tushar, Ankit etc)


(Abhiram R) #2

Hello @mrinalini I was told that you would follow up on the mentorship program at Bangalore. No discussions till now though.

We’re kick-starting on Sunday (two days from now)- so if you guys do want to help us out, now is the time. :slight_smile:
cc @aprajita @lharris

Haiyya Office Hour #2: Notes
(Mrinalini) #3

Hi Abhiram,

If you read through the post I have just shared we have outlined the clear role for Haiyya’s involvement with the community. In the meanwhile I have sent you an email with the potential areas in which we can offer support. Looking forward to your response!