Haiyya Office Hour #2: Notes

(Mrinalini) #1

Hello Everyone,

I’m sharing the notes from my second office hour that took place. The group was much smaller this time around but it led to a very insightful and detailed conversations. I would like to thank everyone who attended and participated, find notes from the first office hour here.

Office Hour Details: Thursday 7 pm - 8 pm IST.

Please find the notes from the second Office Hours below:

Key Discussion Items

  • Haiyya’s guidelines for the support we are offering the entire community. Please find the details at the end of this post.

  • Clarity about the process to get a certificate. Use this form to request a Letter of Identification.

  • Creating a process to kickstart 2018 Community Goals and it’s respective strategy with a focus on accountability: Dyvik is taking the lead here in order to ensure it is a collaborate process where everyone’s voice is represented. Through a google form.

  • Streamline Mozilla India’s resources and systems to create equal opportunities for all members: We discussed the multiple Social Media & github pages and telegram channels that exist along with the role of the admin. An idea has come up to create a list outlining all these groups, the admin responsible and how long they have been an admin. We are looking for someone to take up the lead in creating this.

  • 1 Week Extension to bring up the validity of Haiyya’s reports/outcomes: After which we will close this conversation.

Support Haiyya is offering is on:

  • Community Related challenges: Such as team dynamics/culture, community outreach, building team workplans (breaking down larger goals into tangible next steps), internal/external communication.

  • Support leaders who are launching new initiatives: We will coach these leaders in order with regards to our expertise on a community focus. e.g. building an an effective agenda. However we will not be executing their initiatives.

  • Support/Communication from the Mozilla Staff: If there is any specific gap, feedback etc that the community needs from the Staff (especially the Community Development Team) Haiyya can bridge the gap here.

If there are any questions or feedback on this please feel free to reach out to me.

Key Next Steps

  • Mrinalini reach out to Natasha for the certificate process - done
  • Dyvik create a sheet/email outlining the process for the Community engagement google form. With clear steps, outcomes and timelines and share this with Mrinalini & Other members who were on the call.
  • Whoever is interested in curating the spreadsheet with all the different Mozilla India groups reach out to Mrinalini.


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