Haiyya: Office Hour #4

(Sukhmani Grover) #1

Hello Everyone,

A very happy new year to all of you. We are back with office hours and had our 4th one on January 4th from 7 pm- 8 pm IST with one community member.

Please find key notes below.

Key Discussion Items:

  • Community to co-create a process for community goal setting for 2018 with accountability mechanisms : Dyvik is taking a lead here to initiate a collaborative process and will be sharing a google form for inputs next week

  • Resuming community newsletter : Dyvik will be initiating a conversation in community to re-establish process for creating and sending community newsletters. We are looking for interested people to join this discussion at next office hours

Key Questions and Recommendations for Haiyya and Staff

  • What are the Mozilla priorities and goals for 2018

Key Next Steps

  • Dyvik to share google form for community inputs on goals and accountability

  • Haiyya team to have a follow up conversation about Bangalore Mentorship Program on January 5th

I am re-sharing what support Haiyya is offering to the community:

Community Related challenges: Such as team dynamics/culture, community outreach, building team workplans (breaking down larger goals into tangible next steps), internal/external communication.

Support leaders who are launching new initiatives: We will coach these leaders in order with regards to our expertise on a community focus. e.g. building an an effective agenda. However we will not be executing their initiatives.

Support/Communication from the Mozilla Staff: If there is any specific gap, feedback etc that the community needs from the Staff (especially the Community Development Team) Haiyya can bridge the gap here.

The next office hour will be held on Thursday January 11th from 7 pm - 8 pm IST. In the meanwhile feel free to get in touch with me for any discussions at sgrover@mozilla.com


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