Hardware acceleration on Linux?

Hi! This is my first post.

When I are going to get hardware acceleration on Linux?

Or is this a matter of Linux drivers or Mozilla Firefox?


Did you tried webrender?


What is it? A Mozilla add-on?

Thanks. But just did try both gfx.webrender.enabled and gfx.webrendest.enabled but neither really improved graphics performance.

Don’t know why but WebGL performance with Firefox is always worse than Edge and Chrome.

Hi @ScatteredThuderstorm,

Firefox Linux does support hardware acceleration if available. The following page shows you how to (de)activate it https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/performance-settings?as=u&utm_source=inproduct

Further, I’d recommend you to post on our support forum where we have a team of volunteers dedicated to help people with technical issue. Here’s the direct like to the form https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/new/desktop/form

Finally, if you prefer you can also join our community chat to see if someone can help.

If you need help to login and configure the chat. We have some documentation at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Matrix

Well I already tried those options too, but no luck yet.

Actually I was messing with “layers” settings in Firefox, but cannot make it run smooth like Chrome or Edge browsers.

I am using it on my linux, usually are drivers issue.
What kind of hardware do you have?