Is there any way to make firefox lighter?


Some Linux users use Linux because the PC specs are very low. There are some okey browsers apart from mozilla, but not all are to trust. I’ve tried qutebrowser, and some text-based like lynx and w3m. Those are fine. But still…

When I open Mozilla, it takes about 1GB of RAM. Is there any way to set up a lighter version? Or maybe to take off tools like the dev tools, etc?


You can try to reduce the number of content process and make sure the hardware acceleration is enabled. You’ll find the information on

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The reason I asked here it’s because loads Linux users report the same.

In any case, it would be nice to have some lighter version, the browser it’s getting too heavy for some PCs.

That’s the other reason to ask here…

But I’m happy to understand why it’s not.

To some extent, caches etc are sized to the available RAM. Firefox could run on Firefox OS phones with 256M RAM, so you can certainly get the browser usable in that size. But I also suspect that tuning for machines with <=1GB memory isn’t very common.

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Interesting. I’ve notice (not a developer) that’s the way many programs work, they take % of available or max ram for some operations. But there is no way to change it right? @gcp

There’s various settings that can be changed but I strongly recommend against it because you’re likely going to lower your performance for no good reason.

That’s not half helpful. Either include a link and just don’t reply.

There is super-duper light browser you can trust. It’s Links2.

I’m always using Debian Testing with IceWM. There was the time I had 24 desktops, 2-4 GB RAM and a lot of opened websites with images from Pentax services and weather maps. Everything was controlled by few Bash scripts (open, close, update).

Links2 can be compiled with JavaScript, but I preferred version without the plague of JS. Hence, the browser was/is damn quick, the quickest beast to name it nicely. It runs in two modes - GUI (with -g option) and CLI window.

So, I do not understand why so many people wanna see anorexic Firefox!

And the last but not least. The Holy Grail of browsers for “low specs PCs” does not exist. The so called browsers’ heaviness defines number of opened fully loaded pages (running hundreds heavy JS apps, for example), not the browsers themselves.