Have any API which can give me upcoming events information automatically by JSON format?

Actually, i wanna fetch upcoming events data for our varsity website because our varsity Mozilla club member will get the news automatically. That’s why I need upcoming events API but I don’t know Mozilla does contain or not this kind of API

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i’ve filed a bug for this already but no updates on this one.

The event usually are uploaded on reps.mozilla.org that have a rest api.

@Mte90 can it share the data ?

If a rep upload the event on that website with the rest api you can have all the events.
Check the website :slight_smile:

@Mte90 actually i got it but i wanna know upcoming event list from reps.mozilla.org in my website that’s how can possible ? have another way to make it ?

With an AJAX call with javascript you can do it without problems :slight_smile:

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@mte90 bro which link i can use for the fetch data?

@mte90 thanks brother i got it https://reps.mozilla.org/api/v1/event/?country=bangladesh

There is no existing way to fetch upcoming events. you can always hack things together but it would better if there is a parameter we can pass to fetch only the upcoming events.

@rcmainak i’ve found a way to find upcoming events from this API

enlighten me…

@rcmainak see the output https://reps.mozilla.org/api/v1/event/?country=bangladesh&limit=0&offset=331, i think you can got it

The output includes past events which are the things I don’t want to parse…