Having trouble with Your First Extension


(Stephen Garn) #1

I am referencing this tutorial right here…

I am having difficulty getting it to work. This is the error I am receiving…

WebExtError: installTemporaryAddon: Error: unknownError: Could not install add-on at ‘C:\borderify’: Error: Extension is invalid

I am following the tutorial to almost a tee except that I had to change the manifest to make it work out some other errors I was getting…


“applications”: {
“gecko”: {
“id”: "borderify@example.com"
“name”: “Borderify”,
“version”: “1.0”

What am I doing wrong? I’m working on a Windows 10 system.

(Jorge) #2

What were the other errors? Looking quickly at the manifest you pasted, it’s missing the "manifest_version": 2, which is required for all manifests.