Help: Addon disabled with no meaningful information


I’m the author of an add-on/extension called ‘Remindoro’. It is open source and you can find the source here -

Few days back, a certain ‘Hubert’ bot started pinging clarifications regarding how to build the extension from source. After certain back and forth, I was repeatedly being said the following

We must have no difference between built sources and your xpi. Please provide complete build instructions or modify it to be able to reproduce the same content.

So when we run the build gulp task it will package the final firefox zip file inside dist/firefox along with the contents of the zip file. The zip file will be uploaded to the add-on store. I don’t understand the above message by the reviewer bot and it is difficult to gain any context from the above message as the add-on was disabled citing the same message posted above.

Can anyone help me in how to get past this and enable the add-on? As mentioned earlier, the complete source is

Edit: So there is no way to inspect the uploaded source during submission for me to verify and I cannot find a way to just upload the source. Only way is to resubmit a next version. But I cannot be bumping patches without knowing what to fix. Any help is greatly appreciated.

This issue is fixed by uploading a new version of the extension along with details of the build and where to find the final archive.

Hi palerdot,

thanks for getting in touch. Let me start with saying that Hubert is not a bot. I believe he has sent you the our policies around Source Code Submission.

What we essentially need is to build your code with instructions you provide, and reach the exact same result as the final Firefox zip you uploaded. We need this to ensure that the sources we are reviewing match the build you’ve uploaded. Otherwise, a malicious developer - which I am not saying you are - could provide us benign sources but a final zip that violates our policies.

We also need the sources to be uploaded to AMO instead of just providing a github link, which is detailed on the source code submission page. If your add-on has already been rejected, then we unfortunately cannot re-enable it, which is why Hubert was asking for a new version upload. We still need to confirm the match though.

We’re looking forward to working with you on resolving the build differences. To make sure our reviewers are aware of the communication I’d like to ask though that we resolve any further questions via the review emails.


Hi @kewisch,

Thanks for the reply. The issue was resolved after uploading a new version with detailed build information. I was confused with the whole xui message which got me off track since I was just bundling as a zip file.

Also, is there anything that needs to be done to fix the following message ?

This is not a Recommended Extension. Make sure you trust it before installing.

In any case, the issue was resolved regarding build difference after I uploaded a new version.

Hi palerdot, glad things got resolved. The message is due to our Recommended Extensions program, there is nothing specifically you need to fix.