Downloadable link for invisible addon

(Sujana Chenna) #1

We uploaded an invisible add on to mozilla developer hub yesterday. The status says “Awaiting Review”. There were no errors detected while uploading the add on.
I thought the addon will be signed immediately and we will be able to download it.
Where can I find the downloadable link for the addon?


(Jorge) #2

Please read this document about how to distribute add-ons:

It sounds like you wanted to submit an add-on to be unlisted, and instead you submitted it to be listed and then made it invisible. If that’s the case, I suggest you disable the version you uploaded, and then upload again (with a new version number) and choose the option to host on your own.

(Sujana Chenna) #3

Thanks for the reply.

I did disable the existing addon and uploaded a new version to host the extension on our own.
How long does it take to be available for download? Where can I find the download link on “manage addon’s page”


(Jorge) #4

There should be a link to download the file available right after you’re done with the submission.

In the Developer Hub, you go the Manage Status & Versions page, and then click on the version. The resulting page should have a link pointing to the XPI file.