Help in creating deepspeech environment and running on windows

I have seen examples about deepspeech and python in linux only. I have few audio files which I was to transcribe on my local pc. Can anyone help me in this regard? It would be very beneficial for people who want to run deep speech on windows machines.

I found this tutorial on how to run Deepspeech on Windows very useful:

I have watched it but it shows about using real-time conversion. I’m looking to convert video files or audio files into text. I have tried using pytranscriber but it uses Google cloud and crashes often.

I think I need to install Ubuntu in windows perhaps from Ms store

In the video he is using the real time mic stream script from

Maybe you can use one of the other scripts that you find in the repository, there are several scripts for wav transcribing.

It would be great if someone could update the Electron App in this repository and create a real cross platform tool with a frontend.