Help request from Firefox developers - Scrolling on Windows 10


I have heard from a Firefox developer would really appreciate some help trying to fix an issue in Firefox that is stopping people scrolling in Firefox on Windows 10.

If you have:

  • Windows 10
  • The latest copy of Firefox Nightly
  • A mouse with a scroll wheel

…your help would be really appreciated.

You need to follow these steps to try to reproduce the issue:

  1. Open “about:config” and consent to the risk-taking notice
  2. Type “security.sandbox.gpu.level” in the search bar
  3. There should be one result. Click the pencil icon, change the “0” to a “1”, and click the checkmark
  4. Close all Firefox (or Nightly) windows to cause a full browser restart
  5. Reopen Firefox
  6. Try to scroll webpages with the mouse wheel, and note whether or not scrolling is functioning at all
  7. Repeat steps #1 to #5, but change the “1” back to a “0”

If scrolling doesn’t work, please go to “about:support” in the browser, click “Copy raw data to clipboard”, and paste the contents in a direct message to cmartin in Riot.

Thank you for your help in making Firefox even more awesome.

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