Help with Brief

Today brief just stopped working - both left and right panes are blank. None of the buttons does anything. Suggestions?

I don’t have any ideas unfortunately, because Brief works for me.
I installed it for the first time today, subscribed to the Slashdot RSS feed, and Brief looks like this:

There’s the [Support] Brief thread, but you already know about it, and the developers don’t seem to be reading it anymore.

I’d suggest creating a new issue on
The last issue is from three weeks ago.
But the last code update is from last year…

This happens when I open Brief in a private window.

Sounds like there’s some problem with the database. Would be interesting to know whether the messages in the Brief tab console say anything about the error.

Unfortunately, at the moment Brief does not have a usable tool to fix database problems like this. If you don’t have a working backup of the Brief database (in the Firefox profile), you may need to delete it manually and reimport the feed list (or have it reimported from your Firefox Account if you’re logged in and it’s small enough).

Brief has just one developer at the moment, and I’m not going to have much time for it till mid-September at least.