Helpful reminder to contributors using Chrome

If you use Chrome to contribute to MDN, keep in mind that for whatever reason, Chrome does not include the CSS classes when you copy and paste content in WYSIWYG mode from one article to another. This can have significant impacts if you’re using articles as templates, such as when writing docs for a new API and copying the contents of a page into the next page you’re working on to use as a starting point.

Among the important things that get lost:

  • The syntax box loses the syntaxbox class. Re-apply it using the style drop-down at the left end of the editor toolbar.
  • Code snippets lose the language identifying class. Reapply this using the syntax highlighter drop-down, found to the right of the pre button in the toolbar.
  • Any blocks of hidden content become visible, including the informative blurb explaining BCD to contributors, if the source page had that block. Reapply this using the “Hidden When Reading” option in the style drop-down at the left edge of the toolbar.
  • Tables lose their classes as well. Most tables should have the standard-table class added back to them.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but covers the most common and most noticeable issues that I’ve seen so far. See our CSS style guide for more to watch for.


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Alternatively, just copy using the source code editing view.

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