Hi, have 2 questions, on latest version of TB


I would like to know 2 things. I have TB set up so that I changed the preview pane background/foreground color to my liking.

But, I also wish to change the same characteristics for the message pane as well as the folders pane. I wish to choose my own foreground/background colors.

Something tells me I used to be able to do this.

Also, I notice the font size in the menus is bigger than I like, and would like to make that smaller as well.

Thanks, and I hope you can help.

I see some have replied to my questions. But, for some reason, they do not show up in my pc browser; I found out they were there from my email.

I understand now that .css needs to be used. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too late for me today to start messing around with something I know nothing about. Also, I did look at the example, and even the instructions that were included in the reply. That’s why I’m holding off for tonight.

When I looked at the .css example, I noticed you must put the colors of choice hard coded in the code. That is not exactly what I was looking for though. Is there any kind of option to be able to choose colors from a menu pick (like you can do for the reading pane)?

Also, I don’t know much about themes. Can someone explain them a bit to me and perhaps I can just find a theme that is acceptable to me.