Hi, need help. Custom theme for TB78.*

Already a few weeks later I’m trying to make my own theme for TB78.* … The Chrome folder does not work wherever I throw it, no matter how I write Chrome/chrome. I got to manifest.json - I organized its work and hurray according to the example, everything works. BUT - I want to put a gif file or a dynamic picture in this corner so that she would cheer me up or write compliments! Help this somehow implement, googled - it did not help

Sorry for english^^

+++ manifest.json

Цитата “theme”: {
“colors”: {
“background-color”: “#FF0000
“images”: {
“theme_frame”: “background.png”
“theme_sidebar”: - NOT WORK
“sidebar”: - NOT WORK


Well, you don’t write Chrome/chrome.

You add a chrome folder (no caps) to your profile folder, then you save the userChrome.css file to it.

Sorry, I can’t help with the code.

Edit: I always forget this part. Make sure toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets is set true in the Config Editor.

Not work :frowning: Sigh

I’ve never been interested in themes, but I took a look for you.

You can’t do what you want. TB only seems to support theme-frame. Also, the pane in which you want your animated ghoul is not a sidebar, it’s the folderpane. It might appear in the bookmarks address book sidebar, but I doubt it.

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