High Ram Usage

(Pg321) #1

I’m using the Nightly build and right from the start there is incredible ram usage .
For instance right now , 1 tab open only it’ll start at 1.5Gb total ram in windows used out of a total 8gb in win7 64 .


After 1 hour browsing the interweb with a total down load of 36Mb and upload of 3.59Mb i have to restart Nightly twice as the ram usage got to 7.5 Gb and 6.29Gb both times .

Over these last few weeks i have had 3 crashes and 2 warnings of “Memory is Low” via windows .

If one closes all but 1 tab (if say using 2 ) the memory is still not released back to say 1.5Gb but stays pegged at 7Gb until one closes the browser .

So i’m reporting a serious bug or design flaw as a 35Mb browse should not create a 7Gb memory fill 2 or 3 times .

And yes tried all the disable things and performance checks and memory optimization in Nightly , there is something wrong with the way it handles it all imo .

Other than that i like it lol . Paul .

ps , don’t believe me? , go and browse Gumtree for 1/2 a hour and see what happens just for a example .