Hotel at MozFest

Hi there,

which hotel will be used for Staff and Reps? Would like to book the same hotel / a hotel nearby.


Same as previous years - Park Plaza Westmister. Chekc with @henx as he stayed previously in some other places and can give you tips and tricks.

PS: We have a brand new category under reps - MozFest2014 - can you add this topic under that subtopic pls?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I love the Park Plaza (smiles).

So I guess this plan changed? Most of us will be staying at Modrian London Hotel right? Wiki has the instructions for getting there from Airport, but no instructions for going from Blackfriars station to the hotel. Thanks :slight_smile:

Well - To be honest I was hoping someone will notice and add it ( as I added that info around 2 am ) . Working on it right now

The wiki is updated with the walking directions!

Thanks :smile:

my pleasure