How can i open an link in a context menu with an new protocol handler registered in os settings?

as it would appear nobody can help me with my previous questions, i will ask a new question:

How can i open an link in an context menu with an new protocol handler scheme that has been registered in the settings of the operating system. As an example windows 10. I have registered player:// and this call an windows script thats strip the delivered url (player://adress -> adress) loads an player with the stripped adress.

In the past i have only used the tabs.update() but tabs.update() don’t functioned any more with protocol handler in scheme.

I know tabs.create() functioned but he open an new tab for every click in the context menu. I want a invisible solution thats popup the protocol handler popup where the user can choose an option.

In the past has tabs.update() perfectly functioned and when i called an scheme with an os-registered protocol firefox has opened the protocol-openas popup and the active tab was not updated with the called protocol sheme.


Closed. tabs.update() functioned again in the newest version and is my answer on my own question;) and the only thing how can is solve this problem.