Problems with tabs.update() and network protocols (Firefox)


i have coded an WebExtension-AddOn for my personal use. In short: I add a new network protocol to windows 10 (player://) and connect this with an special windows script. Now i have coded an AddOn that create an context-menu that reparsed the link and use it for an tabs.update() action. As an example on youtube player://

browser.tabs.update({url: "player://"});

This called the ne protocol and shows up the protocol handler in firefox and the actual tabs was not updated, the tabs shows allways the youtube-site where i have called the protocol link.

This has functioned a long time with firefox version with WebExtensions. In the newest Version it happend nothing.

So then i have used tabs.create() and all functioned, but with an ugly new empty tab.

And i have figured out one strange thing:

When i call:

function updateFirstTab(tabs)
		var updating = browser.tabs.update(,
			// active: true,
			// loadReplace: true,
			url: 'player://http://videoadress'
		updating.then(onUpdated, onError);
var querying = browser.tabs.query({currentWindow:true});
		querying.then(updateFirstTab, onError);

and the directly after this call an tabs.create()


He opened the tabs.update() and the tabs.create()

Is that an security change? Or an bug? But why tabs.create triggers an protocol tabs.update?

How can i call an protocol link in an context-menu without changing the actual tab. Ghostly;)?

Or when i must use tabs.create, how can i close the created tab after call the protocol - linkurl?


Closed in the newest update 78.0.2 all functioned perfectly with code again. That was a bug from an previous version.

Oh… I didn’t connect this to the roblox / Microsoft Teams / GoToMeeting problem.

Hi, that problem i don’t know. By chance i have after i stopped the debugging of my addon by habit klicked a video link and received the protocol-popup. And then i have seen an firefox update from 9th july, yesterday. In the changelogs i don’t have seen a special entry about tabs.update() and i think that must another bug that have triggered the tabs.update() bug.