How do I change the language on Firefox Dev Edition?

I run the Firefox Dev Editons on Windows OS using English language. Firefox Quantum version 57.0 is English; but Firefox Dev Editons version 58.0b1 is Turkish. I can’t change this settings.

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Firefox language on most operating systems is determined by the language you download the installer for. To switch language you will most likely have to download a different installer and install that version instead.

Direct Download Link for English US Developer Edition for Windows (64 bit)

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Thank you @freaktechnik . I did it :hugs:

Since this is the first result on Google, I wanted to add a “better” solution I found.

Since Firefox 65, there is an option in the settings to change the UI language of Firefox. However, this option is hidden on Firefox Nightly (and apparently also Firefox Developer Edition) because language packs are not officially supported for Nightly versions. They might lead to UI crashes, however I’ve not encountered any. Proceed at your own risk.

Set these settings to true in about:config:

You can now change the UI language in Settings -> General -> Language.


thks bro, save my life!