How do i edit tag URLs

incorrect tag URL is redirecting to all tags page

correct URL

how do i update correct URL ?

Just edit the page and change the URL, just like making any other edit to MDN.

excuse for the delay. i lost the link.
i am trying to edit page "see pages tagged mailnews link

i tried following, however none of them worked

I think what you need is

For a link on-site on MDN, you just need the “/en-US/docs/tag/MailNews” part.

(I found this by clicking the “MailNews” tag in the tag list.)

The URL is from back when MDN used MediaWiki (before 2008).

Unforntunately, Kuma doesn’t correctly handle the tag part of the URL’s query string.

This is also why the legacy {{MediaWiki.external(…)}} macro exists.