How does Discourse benefit the different tiers in the RASCI model?

I think one interesting way to show off how Discourse’s features are flexible and powerful would be to run down the different features that support the different tiers in the RASCI model. For those of you not familiar, here are the tiers:

Responsible (does the work)
Accountable (in charge of making sure the work gets done)
Supporting (helps the responsible with aspects of the work)
Consulted (people who should have a say in how the work is done)
Informed (people who are affected by the work and should be updated)

Obviously, being able to watch a category or simply stop by the web interface now and then is a feature that benefits the “informed” tier. But what about the other tiers?

The @mention feature could be one for the “consulted” tier, there are extra notifications when you @mention someone so that they can be treated differently than the informed tier.