How does validating/ voting work, exactly?

I found a similar question, the answer was

I want to check if there are any changes; that question was posted a while ago.

Let’s see if I can answer this. You asked for “exactly”, so it will be a bit more detailed than what you probably expect.

Assume a new recording is made, and there are 3 different people validating at different times.

  • First two give UP-votes, it passes as OK and the third will not see the recording.
  • First two give DOWN-votes, it does not pass as OK and the third will not see the recording.
  • The first one gives UP-vote, the second person gives DOWN-vote (or vice-versa), so it is not decided by these votes, so the third one sees the recording, if he/she does not skip or report it, he/she gives a UP or DOWN vote, so it is the decisive vote.

But life is not so easy… We assumed 3 people validating at different times. But what if hundreds of people are validating at the same time?

See the results here:

And this issue here:

So, there can be ties (e.g. 2 to 2) and it will be continued to be shown during validation. But as I stated in the above post, are 100 up and 100 down-votes OK? 101-100 wins, but there is absolutely a problem with the recording.

Actually, this has been partially solved by the CorporaCreator at the very start, with a decision. See:

        # If there are 2+ votes, and down_votes > up_votes, clip is invalid
        # If there are 3+ votes, and up_votes == down_votes, opinions
        # are diverging too much to be relied upon, and clip is invalid

So, 100-100 votes make it “invalid” (but it is kept being shown to validators - note: It should be moved to other.tsv as it will continue to be processed).

So, yeah, 2-0, 2-1, 1-2, 0-2 give solutions, as depicted in the post you quoted. More opposing votes make it invalid by the CorporaCreator. It is an implementation issue thou…

Thank you for a detailed answer.