How is Thunderbird code (comm-central) organized/structured?

I have comm-central checked out, and I successfully built it with ./mozilla/mach build. Now I’m poking around the actual code trying to get a feel for what it’s like.

The closest answer I found to my question on the wiki or MDN was a link to this blog post from 2010. There’s some good advice in it, but it’s more about how to get really familar with the code. Not a simple introduction to how the project is structured. Google wasn’t much help either.

So, is there a document out there somewhere that describes what each of the subfolders in comm-central are for? Maybe something about how each subfolder is structured as well. A description of the build process would be helpful. Especially for people like me coming from a non-compiled coding background.


I think the links in spell it out

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For more detailed behind the scenes

I found all these links in a few minutes with google* and poking mdn

If you think some links need to be added to mdn or wiki please make an account and add them - the improvements will be welcomed

  • thunderbird build process “for dummies” OR beginner
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