Simple Thunderbird Build mach build failed, what next? (Docs suggestion)

I’ve been following the Simple Thunderbird Build guide. When I get the to the mach build step, the build fails.

Since it’s not a missing library error, I’m guessing I need to checkout a version of the code that is successfully building as shown on Treeherder.

That is where I am stuck.

I have no idea how to tell what versions are actually building successfully on Treeherder.

I also have no idea how to checkout a specific version of the code.

I see the help icon on Treeherder, so that’s my next step.

I can read the mercurial manual to figure out how to get a specific version of the code, but I’m wondering how to make sure I get both comm-central and mozilla-central (in comm-central/mozilla) checked out correctly…

Could someone please update the Simple Thunderbird Build guide with answers to my questions?

  • How to find a working build on Treeherder?
  • How to checkout that working build?

Hi @jerrac,

That’s actually a really good idea. comm-central tends to break often enough that it probably is worth mentioning that on our page. I’ve added your recommendations to my backlog so hopefully I can get to it over the weekend.

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Thanks @jsbruner for taking a look at that.

@jerrac have you tried building since this post?

I haven’t had time lately. As you can tell from my late reply…

I lurk in #maildev a bit, and it sounded like the build process is in a state of flux in one conversation a couple weeks ago. So I’ve been kinda putting any Thunderbird exploration on hold.