How should an event page for a meetup look like? - Community Feedback

(Vioia) #1

Hi Reps people,

You could have noticed that Participation Systems team released an event management tool in Mozilla called Splash. It will be soon advertised loudly, as it will include several community capabilities in version 2.0.
We would like to create a Meetup theme in the tool, that can be used for community meetup events. As you have experience with this type of events, I would like to ask for your opinion on what information would you include we include in this theme.
E.g: if you had this page as your event page, what sections would you remove or add, so that it represents your meetup event (By sections, I mean blocks like “event details”, “agenda”, “sponsors”).
Also, what kind of emails do you usually send / receive regarding a meetup event (E.g: Invite, reminder, thank you)?

If we could get some feedback by end of next week, it would be great, so that we can start creating the theme.

Many thanks!

Mozilla Reps Newsletter - October 2018
(Rubén Martín) #2

Moving to the main Reps category to get more exposure :slight_smile:

(Michael Kohler) #3

As I said before, it depends on the type of event. Below I’ll list a few types of event I’m running.

Small event in one evening (see Berlin Open Night for example):

  • No agenda needed, starting and end time in the top part would be enough
  • No video
  • No speakers
  • No sponsors

Talk in one evening:

  • No agenda needed, starting and end time in the top part would be enough
  • No video
  • No speakers (as for only one talk I would just list that in the description)
  • No sponsors

Full day event with talks:

  • No video
  • Maybe Sponsors, but preferably that should be off and easily be added as a full block if needed
  • Probably would need more than 3 agenda items, so please make sure that gets styled nicely if there are 6+ items

Full day hackathon-style event:

  • No video
  • Maybe Sponsors, but preferably that should be off and easily be added as a full block if needed

I generally think the video does not provide that much value. Also, I think the countdown would be nicer right below the RSVP button.

What I think would be nice for community organized events is the possibility to also add a community logo if there is one.

Personally I could not rely on Splash alone, as it wouldn’t give me the same reach as my Meetup page has. So I would still use both (except if this can be solved) as I’ve done with the portal in the past as well. That also would mean that I can’t use Splash for attendee tracking, as almost nobody signs up double (in Meetup and on the Splash page), I’ve tried.

From a Reps Program perspective
From a Reps programmatic perspective, I think there are some open questions / discussions to have before we can fully rely on as main event page for Reps (just dropping this here so I’ve written it somewhere, that needs more work and is certainly not complete):

  • Discoverability (I know there will be an update on this soon)
  • Filtering upcoming and past events by “organizer is a Rep”
  • Automatic creation of event activity reports as currently on the Portal
  • Integration into the Reps Portal (maybe through that filtering mentioned above and the API)
  • Flow should not be “more annoying” than the portal
  • Metrics for programmatic purposes
  • Goal setting opportunity? This is currently done manually outside the event system if required for a resource request.

Hope that helps!


(Mayur patil) #4

Hello Team,

Will this event page be connected to the Reps portal ?
Like if I RSVP then will the user be marked as attended in the event in the reps event page?

Will this Splash page have dashboard to see the people who have RSVP ?

(Mayur patil) #5

The video did provide value during the Dark Funnel Campaign, We had added instructions.

(Michael Kohler) #6

See my post above. :slight_smile:

(Michael Kohler) #7

Yes, but how many times will you have a video? So I guess it should easily be added, but not be default.

(Vioia) #8

Michael, thanks a lot for the feedback, it was very helpful!

We decided to create a theme for the meetups in the form of small events in one evening / talk in one evening, as the suggested fields are the same.
Based on your feedback, we put together this theme. Can you please take a look and let us know if it looks good to you?
As for the Reps program, we will definitely talk about that topic soon.


(Michael Kohler) #9

I’m missing the end time at the top next to the start date. Is that possible to fill that out automatically from the initial info the user sets?

Otherwise this looks good to me on first glance.

(Vioia) #10

Yes, the date & time info is automatically filled in with the initial info the user sets. The thing is there are several formats to display the date & time, and for the single day event the default was to show only start day. I updated the default format to show end time as well for 1-day events.